Communication Strategy and Planning

Enhancing reputation among internal and external audiences requires a clear message and communication strategy. QD+C can help you define exactly what key stakeholders need to know about your organization or cause and what you want them to do as a result. Identifying specific communication objectives leads to a more targeted message strategy and action plan. QD+C can help ensure that your communication efforts directly impact positive outcomes.

Crisis Communication

There is an art to communicating bad or difficult news. It requires a delicate balance of honesty, integrity and discretion. Being prepared is key to representing your organization, your cause and yourself genuinely and articulately. QD+C can help you develop a careful message strategy and communication plan to ensure that your story gets fair and accurate exposure. QD+C can help mitigate negative exposure and provide a balanced perspective on a potentially damaging situation.

Media Training

Learning how to talk about your organization or cause is critical to defining and enhancing your reputation. QD+C can help you streamline your wealth of knowledge, information and passion into clear, concise messages that have a powerful impact on the audiences you need to reach. QD+C offers media and speaker training to help you develop key messages and deliver them authentically and confidently. Training includes on-camera interview practice and coaching to develop your individual strengths and opportunities.

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